High Durability Top-Coat Series

Interdeco's performance driven WeatherBuster top-coats range from WB Fluorocarbon EX, WB Ceramic SiWB Matt, WB Carbobarrior.


While all products are pure acrylic systems; Interdeco's wide product variations and integrations are key to our technological advancement. Our Research and Development facility based in Kyoto, Japan, combined with our manufacturing facility in Dubai, United Arab Emirates ensures optimal product performance, with functional product properties which has excellent UV Protection, Dust Repellency, salt formation, Acid rain and dust build up etc.


Our team of R&D specialist are well experienced with various climatic conditions, from four seasons to tropical wet & dry, semi-arid & desert arid, Mediterranean, monsoon, Humid Tropical and Humid Oceanic Climate.


Owners & Developers effortless hassle and Maintenance free decorative and protective coatings.


Our water-based top-coat technology made for long durability and peace of mind.