Heritage Texture Series

Basara Heritage line offers an unmatched elegant traditional middle eastern exterior high-built texture finish. Our texture product range is available in three types of textures such as  Basara S-Tex, Basara M-Tex, Basara L-tex. Our Basara heritage systems are all water-based products, with 100 % pure acrylic, which provides excellent protection to Middle Eastern Harsh climate and coastal environment where salt particles are present. Basara heritage offers a superior UV protection, defence against salt formation and carbon dioxide build up. It further extends its product performance in alkali resistance, and low VOC content.


Our product variations of flat non-porous, to deep sand and wavy textures, as well as porous texture finish are all part of tradition exterior coating in the region.  In addition to the its unique traditional decorative finish, Interdeco's top-coats such as WB Matt and WB Glaze overcoat for antique simulated finish.